Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Using Annotary for Sharing Bookmarks

Annotary is cross between Delicious and Pinterest…it is built for bookmarking, collaborating and sharing & all done on a visual electronic bulletin board.

Visit https://annotary.com and create a free account and create a "collection".  Download the Annotary Tool for your browser and use it to clip the whole webpage or highlight sections of a webpage that you want to share on your Annotary site…

Because this is also a SOCIAL MEDIA tool, you can follow people and create Groups to collaborate with.

When you are on a webpage, click the Annotary Tool Button on your browser tool bar, 

the tool box will load on the right of the browser window... 

and you can use the tools to link, highlight or email the page.  

So on a webpage you want to grab, with the tool box open, click the link tool...

You can also add tags and notes to the grab and organize the clipped webpage into a collection you have already created.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Twiddling with Twiddla

Twiddla is a awesome FREE whiteboard tool.  It allows you to create an on-line place for you and your students to collaborate.

Go to www.twiddla.com, click the GO button...

In the space you can use the drawing tools to mark up the blank whiteboard or upload a document or image to annotate...

To have others join your session, they merely need to point their browser to the URL of the session you created.  

The REALLY great part is that this tool works on Mac OS, Win OS, Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices.

NOTE -- sometimes it is more difficult to participate from a tablet or smartphone just because of the screen real estate...

This tool can be used in a variety of classroom activities...

Upload a map to the whiteboard, have students in groups markup the map features: identify mountain ranges, color certain features a certain color, etc.

Upload a document and have students correct the document: capitalization, spelling, punctuation, etc OR diagram parts of speech.

Use the whiteboard to have students draw an array and then have other students write the repetitive addition sentences possible from the array.

This is a FUN and ENGAGING web 2.0 tool for the elementary through middle school classroom!

Try Twiddla today!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Embed your Wallwisher Wall...

So you can grab the embed code form the Share tool on your Wallwisher.com wall and embed it into your site!

Like a little window to the Internet... I love embed codes...

QR Code for my Wall...

My 10 Favorite Apps for iPad in the Classroom

The link below jumps you to a PDF of my Top Ten Classroom Apps for iPad...

What are your favorites?? Comment below...

Podcasting with AudioBoo

Audioboo.fm is a great web tool for recording podcasts for free from any device - Android, iOS or Browser...

Podcasting with AudioBoo


So I have been living in my Google Sites wiki for a while but I think I am ready to move back to my Blogger (lots of reasons and no offense GSites...I still love you).  Here are some posts/pages I have had living there and just wanted to repost here.

My Top Ten for iPad & the Classroom - Triple I Conference 11/17/12

 Twitter for Educators - #ILRSAC 12/4/12

Jason Smith, CSBO
Director of Business Services & Technology

Using Evernote to Create a Quick Webpage

Evernote is my FAVORITE tool these days...

It is not only my "handy-dandy notebook", but does SO much more...

And with helper apps like Skitch, Penultimate, Hello and Peek AND the connect to and from anything flexibility, Evernote is a POWERFUL tool for Education (and all other living things on the planet...)

Here is a tutorial on how to create a quick webpage with Evernote...

Using WallWisher

WallWisher is a "wiki-like" tool that lets you post notes and pictures on a wall, freeform.  This has a lot of classroom potential: parking lot for questions, platform for link sharing, backchannel area, brainstorming place and topic specific bulletin board.

It is also FREE and EASY (two things I like…)

Go to http://wallwisher.com and create a free account OR login using your Google Account.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Principal's need to know about their school's website

I have been working with principals and other admins now for about a year and a half on how to become an iAdministrator.  The goal has been for these school leaders to gain an understanding on how today's internet & apps & gear all play together.  Beyond the technical details, I try to convey the importance of strategy with respect to all these pieces.  Without strategy, these elements are simply disjointed novelty.

All principals should take time to look at their school website and take a critical look at the following:

  1. Is the information (a parent would want) easy to find? Up to date?
  2. Is the navigation (ie how I get around the website) easy to understand?
  3. Does my principal page give any meaningful information that would help parents or students? Is the information there up to date?  Can I be easily contacted?
  4. What about my teachers? Do they have relevant content? Up to date? Easy to find?
  5. Social Media? Facebook, Twitter, etc? How can we leverage it?
  6. Media rich? Videos and Podcasts VS text and graphics?
Principals do not have to know how to build the website (they'll have nerds for that).  They do have to be in charge of the CONTENT on their website.  They do have to be in charge of the TIMELINESS of information, updates and links.  They do have to FEED their websites by setting expectations for staff.

Principal's are supposed to be architects, not plumbers.  They have to plan and orchestrate.  They have to articulate the vision for their school website, then insure that the vision is being achieved.  Principal's   (and teachers) are marketing their programs.  The web is a powerful platform to do that from.

So self assess principals...and make it better, even if it's already good!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remind101 -- Free Group Texting

Want a Free way to text your students (or parents) and not have to give out your cell number or store all their cell numbers in your phone?  Try www.remind101.com

When you sign up (for free) you will create a class (don't worry you can build more later...).

They will generate this screen for you so that you can share it with your students...They will send a text message to the number provided with the message shown...heck, why don't you just sign up to get my text blasts using the screen shot above!

Then, back in your "home" area, text away!

Cool and Free and Safe!

There is an app now too! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let others Drop it To Your Dropbox

Dropbox is an AWESOME tool, especially for iPadders, but also for anyone who needs to grab their stuff from whatever they have at hand (laptop, desktop, android, iOS). Most users know they can SHARE FROM their dropbox to others, but you can also use a couple of web services that allow others to ADD TO your dropbox (without sharing a folder or allowing them full access). Dropitto.me and Filestork are sites the work very well (and are FREE). You create an account and ALLOW it to link to your Dropbox account. The service will create a folder that others can upload stuff into.

Once your account is tilt and linked, you can direct people to http://dropitto.me/username (they will need to know your upload password), they choose the file and upload. This is a GREAT way to have students submit work to teachers!

 Drop me something... http://www.dropitto.me/jasonsmithcsbo The password to upload is "dropit".

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shortening URLs

URL redirection has become very popular in this Twitter/SMS age. Since microblogs and text messages limit the character count, sometimes sending a long web address (ie URL - Universal Resource Location) can be hard. Several websites like bit.ly and goo.gl shorten the URL into a smaller URL that you can copy and paste into your email message, tweet or sms. If you create accounts at these sites, you can customize the shorten URL so that it doesn't look like jibberish. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, try the iShortenURLs App or Wel.Ly for iPad.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

App Share

Got a great app for the iPad?  Submit it to my form and I'll share it on my site...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Emailing your response from a Google Form - Classroom Walk Thru Application

In our Admin Academy, we discuss how to use Google Forms to create a Classroom Walk Thru evaluation.  I am usually asked how to have Google automatically send the completed form (via email), so that it can be shared with the teacher immediately.  Usually, I try to show people how to grab the sheet from Google and Mail Merge the results to WORD...but who likes extra steps right?

So the way to make this magic is by checking a box here and there inside your Google Form.  Now the disclaimer is that these steps only work (at least as far as I can tell) when you are using Google Apps for EDUCATION.  In the normal public Google Docs account, you cannot make these feature appear.

So, go out and set your school up as a GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION school (or have your NERD do it...its easy and FREE).

Now, that done, create (just we did at training) or open your FORM from the FORM Menu, choose Edit Form.

Check mark the 3 boxes at the top...

Now, goto the LIVE FORM and before you submit, check the box...

After the submit, you will get the email with your form responses...

Now you can forward the form that you submitted for that teacher to the teacher...


Mirroring your iPad display to your Mac Desktop with Reflections App