Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let others Drop it To Your Dropbox

Dropbox is an AWESOME tool, especially for iPadders, but also for anyone who needs to grab their stuff from whatever they have at hand (laptop, desktop, android, iOS). Most users know they can SHARE FROM their dropbox to others, but you can also use a couple of web services that allow others to ADD TO your dropbox (without sharing a folder or allowing them full access). and Filestork are sites the work very well (and are FREE). You create an account and ALLOW it to link to your Dropbox account. The service will create a folder that others can upload stuff into.

Once your account is tilt and linked, you can direct people to (they will need to know your upload password), they choose the file and upload. This is a GREAT way to have students submit work to teachers!

 Drop me something... The password to upload is "dropit".

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