Monday, April 22, 2013

EZSchool Pay Upgrades and Woes is the website parents can use to place lunch money into student accounts.  This weekend (04/20/13) they significantly updated their website without any advance notice to the schools who use this service.

We have created a document to help you navigate their new layouts, and to be quite honest, it is not a very good set of enhancements...

BUT since about 10 AM, this has been the response on the EZSchoolPay website...

We agree that this is not cool.  We have tried to contact EZSchoolPay regarding the issues with their new website interface and hope to have an answer later this morning...

In the meantime, we have instructed the cafeteria staff to allow students to eat (ie go negative beyond the normal limits) while EZSchoolPay gets it's issues worked out.

You may always send a check to the school for posting to the lunch accounts with your child.

We apologize for the frustration you are feeling as we are frustrated as well.

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