AAC 1447 Agenda: #One2One

Needs Assessment Survey -- Done Prior to Workshop -- Link HERE > http://bit.ly/one2one13

#one2one -- @jasonsmithcsbo on Twitter

Introduction Who Are You?
  • When not IF
  • One size does not fit all
  • Strategic Planning & Evaluation + Data
  • Project RED -  http://www.projectred.org
  • Key Findings: More Info on Project RED -- Sterling School District

Who should be on your TAC?

  • Survey of current conditions
  • Bandwidth to the Internet:
  • Wifi coverage
  • Supporting staff and students
  • Google apps for education 
  • Authentication strategies

** We will talk about the implications of this…

How big is your PIPE to the internet? Internal Bandwidth? Wifi coverage?

Lunch (30 minutes)

Professional development 
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Formal Assessment: Merit badges, portfolio, etc...
  • Types of pd: Vertical, Horizontal and Personal
  • Pd plan
  • Pilot before deployment
Let's practice: Video podcasting. Audio Podcasting

Sample PD:

Choosing the device
**Color Groups:
Groups of 3

Timelines for deployment & STRATEGIES 
  • Process vs event
  • Who needs to be on board and when
  • Roll out
  • Feedback/evaluation -- MORE DATA: ESM from Project RED
  • Course corrections

Why do we want to do any of this anyway?
"We have a 19th Century School schedule, a 20th Century curriculum, and a 21st Century child" ~ Heidi Hayes Jacobs ASCD13

Closing Questions:
  • How close to go are you?
  • BYOD? Flipped Classroom?
  • Fairness? Equal Access?
  • Challenges?
  • Opportunities?
  • Communication?


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